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All fired up lyrics...? [24 Feb 2005|04:54pm]

I noticed this community was pretty dead, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find Todd Kerns lyrics online? I'm making a layout and I'd really like to find accurate lyrics for the song 'All Fired Up' but I can't find any sites with the lyrics at all. Your help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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New tour dates! [08 Sep 2004|11:21pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Thursday Sept 9th @ 100 Georges, Sudbury, ON
-With Default

Friday Sept 10th @ Federation Hall, Waterloo, ON
-With special guests Doctor!

Saturday Sept 11th @ Kee To Bala – Bala, ON
-With Default!

Tuesday Sept 14th @ Bovine Sex Club – Toronto, ON
-With Robin Black!

Thursday Sept 16th @ Loyalist College, Belleville, ON
-With Three Days Grace!

Friday Sept 17th, 2004 @ Fidler's Green, Cambridge, ON
-With The Waking Eyes!

Tuesday Sept 21st @ Back Alley, Calgary, AB
-With Thornley!

Wednesday Sept 22nd, 2004 @ Cook County Saloon, Edmonton, AB
-With Thornley!

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[01 Sep 2004|10:28pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Everyone better be requesting Todd's new video PROBABLE CAUSE* at Muchmusic/MTV. Come on, I know people that havent seen it yet, and thats just not right!

* couldnt resist, sorry

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googlism [30 Mar 2004|09:15pm]

[ mood | caffinated ]

I apologize in advance but I had way to much coffee today and was slightly really bored

Googlism for: todd kerns

todd kerns is static in stereo
todd kerns is static in stereo wednesday january 03
todd kerns is alive
todd kerns is the voice
todd kerns is not
todd kerns is gay?? i sure didn't
todd kerns is tall
todd kerns is the lead singer and guitarist
todd kerns is recording his album here in calgary
todd kerns is incredible
todd kerns is sexy and he is dating dawn from


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[26 Feb 2004|06:39pm]

For those of you who were amazed at my ability to find AOE's Ugly ep for $2.99... I saw today that they have at least 4 more copies of it. So check the delete bins at your local Sunrise Records, or for reimbursement of my costs, I'll pick it up for you.
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tk tour dates [16 Feb 2004|11:19pm]

I'm sure everybody already saw this but I'll copy/paste it just to be on the safe side :)

Todd Kerns & The Vincent Black Shadow
March 20 - The Media Club, Vancouver

DiePopstar Tour '04!
Featuring Todd Kerns, Faces of Eve and guests!

April 14 - Urban Lounge, Edmonton, Alberta
April 15 - TBA, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
April 16 - The Zoo, Winnipeg, Manitoba
April 17 - The Zoo, Winnipeg, Manitoba
April 19 - TBA
April 20 - The Back Alley, Calgary, Alberta
April 23 - TBA
April 24 - TBA, Vancouver, BC

Todd Kerns & The Vincent Black Shadow
April 30 - The Railway Club, Vancouver
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www.toddkerns.com [02 Jan 2004|11:03pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

If you haven't checked out the new site yet go do it now


It's wicked cool

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[28 Dec 2003|08:37pm]

[ mood | irate ]

Are 'gods country' and 'stevies mom' in some sort of race for most posts? Everytime I log on, they've both filled the page with their replies. I know I'm guilty of having done that before, but not EVERY FUCKING DAY!

GOD they piss me off, they both think theyre witty and hilarious, but they're as funny as Avril is punk.

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[28 Dec 2003|07:57am]

[ mood | happy ]

Look!! A refuge that's newbie free!! We may not have ranks here, but I can tell you what we don't have! NEWBIES!!!

Does anyone else find Stevies Mom to be highly annoying?

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[27 Nov 2003|02:49pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I keep getting that msn page that says toddkerns.com page dosen't exist, oor my link to the bb doesn't exist. What's happening?

Also who from LJ posts on the board?

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TK unplugged [25 Nov 2003|09:44pm]

Thursday December 11th @ Mesa Luna (1926 W. Broadway) ALL AGES

Todd Kerns
Faces of Eve
The Flairs

This in an unplugged show, this is bare bones and candles and your favorite Vancouver musicians in one night, on one stage. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.....

The best part of the whole thing is that all proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club, so come out and do your part to support the scene!!!!

info: http://www.diepopstar.com/dpshow4_foe.php
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[22 Apr 2003|03:03am]

Hey! The TK site was hacked, so the messageboard is messed up now. There's a new board here: http://toddkerns.com/phpBB2/
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[18 Mar 2003|02:08pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Who had this magazine when it came out? I think I stole the entire rack from the front of HMV!

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[16 Feb 2003|06:38pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Is this not the cutest picture ever???

Congrats again to the happy couple!

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[30 Jan 2003|08:24pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've made a little TK fansite, still needs a lot of work but I thought I'd unvail it anyhow.

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[20 Jan 2003|09:14am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Cross posted on the TK board:

If anyone on here has Yahoo messenger and wants a TK skin for it, let me know cuz I just threw one together. It's nothing spectacular, but its better than all the teenybopper pop band skins out there.

Email me @ myprecious@lordoftherings.zzn.com and I'll send you back the .ZIP file.

I also have an IME one if you want.

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hello:) [03 Jan 2003|04:09pm]

hello, im new.
i dont have much to say other then, i love age of electric, one of my favorite bands..and todd is a great singer. i also got a chance to see static in stereo a few years back. not bad at all:)
im also actually a huge fan of limblifter too. i got a chance to hang with them and they are the sweetest guys. i have a few funnie stories about that...but ill save those for another day:)
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Fan Support Needed!!!! [03 Jan 2003|03:32pm]

[ mood | excited ]

For everyone here that was unaware, and I think that would only be a couple of you, TK's 'top secret project' that he's been teasing us with has been revealed, he's doing some songs with a few guys you might have heard of. Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. The ex Guns N Roses members are searching for a new lead singer, and they might have found their man! Don't believe me? Go here!

Everyone who hasn't done so already should mail the admin at Slash's website to show support for TK! webmaster@snakepit.org is the addy, and just write a nice email showing support for Todd. He's already gotten an email saying that he's had the most support from fans above any other singer that's tried out, but the more he gets, the better!


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I should sleep but too much caffeine [14 Dec 2002|04:27am]

Who is that young cat?
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Chart Article [11 Dec 2002|07:08pm]

Look Todd front page on chart:

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